The Ultimate Grown & Sexy Girl’s Night Out!


Are YOU ready to become a certified rider?

We will start our evening with cocktails and nosh at Yoshino Sushi Lounge, 296 Hegenberger Road, Oakland at  5pm.  At 6pm, our party bus will whisk us off to a Secret Sensuous Location for an empowering workout led by our teacher, Tyomi Morgan the Sexpert who is flying in from Chicago just for our GNO.

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Here is what is in store:

  1. Ride Him With SAS Low Impact Exercise Class

  2. Sensual Blowjob Lesson

  3. Party Bus transport to and from class location (I will finalize cocktail meet-up & pick-up location ASAP)

  4. BONUS: Training Video to guide you while practicing your new moves after class, from our Glamazon Erotica Instructor, Tyomi  


    “Ride Him with SAS” powered by Steel and Stilettos Fitness

    Get your fitness goals off to a great start in 2017!! Work out with GLAMAZON TYOMI during “Ride Him With S.A.S.,” A LIT (low intensity training) fitness class, Powered by Steel and Stilettos Fitness™

    Learn several exercises that will help you strengthen your lower body and core while providing more mobility in your hips to improve your riding skills while on top during sex.  This fitness workshop has been developed to help you become a better rider and a better partner in the bedroom period.

    You will need a pair of your most comfortable heels and a yoga mat! Dress in workout gear and be prepared to sweat! DO NOT BRING HEELS THAT YOU CAN NOT MOVE OR STAND IN COMFORTABLY

    We will be working with chairs, heels, whips and our own bodies to empower ourselves through movement!

So what exactly is this workshop? It is a training designed to help women increase their core and lower body strength. By  developing the lower body and abdomen, ladies will be able to perform better in the bedroom and feel more confident about their bodies and increase stamina during sex.

What does the training consist of? This workout consist of squats, lunges, yoga poses, twerking, hip gyrations, pelvic raises, chair work, floor work & core work to help target those muscles that are the most engaged during sexual activity.Every movement is set to a soundtrack that has been designed for empowerment. Each woman is encouraged to keep up or go at er own pace.

What do I need to bring to class? Bring a bottle of water, a yoga mat and a pair of heels that are easy for you to walk  in. Dress in clothing that allows you to work out comfortably, Jeans and restrictive clothing are NOT gonna cut it. Bring an open mind and determination to make it through the workout. And don’t forget your questions for after class!

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Meet Our Sensuality Coach: Ms. Tyomi Morgan

Glamazon Tyom is a sexpert/sexuality coach known for her down-to-earth approach to sex education and her mission of liberating men and women sexually. You can find out more about her on

Watch her Sex Education tutorials at

Read articles written by Glamazon Tyomi on 

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